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This website is (a) a mini Information Portal on Spain and Portugal Property, primarily for South African Citizens and Residents who maybe considering Spain or Portugal for Buying Property for Residential and/or Holiday Purposes, or Investing in Property (Buy to Let), -- and maybe also considering Residency in, and possibly future Citizenship of either Spain or Portugal. It is also (b) a point where we invite you to contact us on any areas/topics around which we can potentially help you with

The site is designed to cover a limited amount of Information on:

* PORTUGAL – SPPSA (Spain & Portugal Property South Africa) is The Collaboration Partner for South Africa for Berkshire Hathaway Portugal Property, who are the Leaders in the Portugal Property marketplace for International Buyers/Investors. Plus information on 'Why Portugal' for a Property Investment, and on ResidencyPrograms.

* SPAIN - the country, and ‘Why Spain?’ considerations.


* SPANISH REGIONS: Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca South, Costa Blanca North, Valencia, Barcelona, Mallorca, and  Inland / Country Areas. (Note there are several other areas that we cover that are not featured on the website--please contact us for details)

* A view of SOME LISTED SPANISH PROPERTIES from some of the Property Agencies that we work with featured showing Villas, Fincas, Townhouses, Apartments, Land/Plots, New Property Developments and some Commercial Properties.

NOTE:  This site is updated daily with new Property listings and all properties on this site can be searched for -- via the main SEARCH PANEL -- by Area, Price, and Other Criteria. 


Very Importantly -- our interactions with our Clients are all 'Custom' based, ie: totally built around the individual needs and preferences of the Client.


Please contact us (082 570 4274 or ) if you wish to discuss any of these topics or if you don't find the information you are looking for!  We are here to assist, no matter how small or large the questions are ! FYI: We are based in Cape Town, and if you happen to be in that area, we are also available to meet for face-face meetings if preferred.  Alternatively we can do whatsapp Video or Voice calls, or Zoom calls. 

We are not a registered Estate Agency in Spain or Portugal, but do collaborate with many Registered Agencies in Spain and Portugal. Any property transaction that you might wish to undertake would obviously be through a Registered Property Agency in Spain or Portugal, along with Legal oversight of the process 


About Us

Spain & Portugal Property South Africa (SPPSA) was established in 2017 by Richard Vernon.

Richard, originally from the UK, has lived in South Africa for the last 40+ years, working in the corporate IT Industry until 2016, after which SPPSA was established.

Over the years, he has spent very significant time in Spain and Portugal, has had many connections to and with Spain, and several of his family members have had properties in Spain, -- all thoroughly valuing their decisions to buy and in most cases live in Spain. Through spending this time in Spain and Portugal and traveling extensively around the Region, he has also built up an extensive knowledge of Spain, Portugal and their different regions. This has been complemented by a good understanding of Property and Residency processes, tax considerations, and market knowledge.

Please Note: SPPSA covers ALL areas of Spain & Portugal, not just those areas mentioned above !