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For many experienced global travellers (as well as its Residents), Barcelona is one of the world’s great cities!

It has a fabulous setting with beautiful beaches on its doorstep. It is renowned for its Architecture. Its hospitality, food and drink is widely loved, and this makes for a vibrant city lifestyle for its significant residential population. And it is also a highly respected business and commerce centre. It is for these and other reasons that Property Investment in Barcelona has been showing growth above the Spanish averages in recent years, and this trend is predicted by many market analysts to continue.

Barcelona should be considered for Property Investment (in the active the Buy to Let market) and/or for Residential purposes.

We feature below our prime Collaboration Partner in Barcelona: Home Search Barcelona that is somewhat unique in providing services to the Investor Buyer and/or the Residential Buyer. Their services are targeted at those budgeting to invest a minimum of 200 k Euro and upwards, and who are serious about the investment/buying process and surrounding support services. It is is a ‘Buyer Centric’ approach, and a complete service designed for the International Buyer.  This includes arranging Financing (typically up to 50%) for qualifying applicants if this is required or prefered, Integration of Builders and Decorators, Architectural services, Legal services. Importantly Rental Management and associated services, if required, form a significant portion of its business, 

Below is some background on Home Search Barcelona. If interested, we recommend you visit their website and take a few minutes to discover how they provide a valued service to the Buyer/Investor as well as Customer Testimonials. We have not included any Barcelona listed Property feeds on the Spain & Portugal Property South Africa site, as HSB offer a very extensive, yet customised, Property Search service for Barcelona and surrounding areas. -- contact Richard at 082 570 4274



About HSB - Barcelona Real Estate

Homesearch Barcelona® was created as a small family business in year 2001.

The company started with the realization that foreign buyers in Catalonia, Spain should receive better service and that their dependency on local estate agents, in too many cases, was causing them unnecessary problems. Our idea was to use our experience and knowledge of the real estate market of Catalonia in order to help private and corporate foreign investors to purchase real estate assets in Catalonia in a secure and easy way. For this purpose we have developed an original method of work, in which we act as a buyer agent, providing our clients with the most reliable and detailed information about all aspects of the operation: asset selection, signing contracts, obtaining finance, management of your asset, legal coverage, refurbishments and improvement works, tax advice etc.

"We wanted our clients not to worry about any of the aspects related with an investment made in a foreign country. We wanted to make them feel safe and free to make the best decision for them, the same way that experienced local buyers do when they purchase property or make other real estate investments in their own country."

"We believe that our biggest achievement is that we have been able to convert the process of buying property in Spain, or buying an apartment Barcelona, from a stressful process, full of doubts and second thoughts, into a clear and straightforward one. More than one client has told us that if it wasn’t for our service they would not get to making the final purchase decision."

"Since our first client back in 2000, we have helped dozens of buyers, from all nationalities, to purchase all kind of properties: relocation apartments, shops, bars, restaurants, rustic houses and more. We have specialized in the management of renovation and restoration works, providing our clients with all the assistance they need (from the architect until the decoration). We have also created a management service for our clients who wish to rent their properties as tourist apartments (daily rentals) as holiday apartments on short term rent, hence achieving a better economical performance of their properties."

"Although we have been very successful in establishing our company as a leading company in assessing foreign buyers in the residential property market, we have remained the same young, dynamic, full of enthusiasm and friendly business, treating each client with all of our attention and care, and aiming for excellence at all times."

A few comments on Property Investment:

Five reasons why Barcelona has become an ideal city for “buying to let” properties:

  1. 1. High demand for renting residential and commercial properties

    Barcelona is a thriving European business hub, with a large international workforce and a busy tourism industry, with good quality rental accommodation always in demand

  2. 2. Convenient legislation for owners.

  3. 3. Tenants are responsible for all maintenance costs

    In Spain, your tenants are responsible for all maintenance costs, as well as community charges and other monthly costs.

  4. 4. Great offer of reliable property management companies

  5. 5. Relatively low real estate taxes or other fixed costs.

"For our clients who love to visit Barcelona and choose to invest in residential property we normally recommend to invest in an apartment that could later on be exploited as a holiday apartment or rented by days (if with a Tourist License) or by months), for tourists and Digital Nomads visiting Barcelona (“short term and medium term rentals”). These short and medium term rentals in Barcelona have become very popular over the years and we created a management company ( that rents holiday/work apartments by day or month to our clients.  This way they can generate a good income and can enjoy their apartment whenever they choose to visit Barcelona. All the management and maintenance tasks of the apartments are being taking care of by our special management team." (Note: For the Owners, Short Term rentals are subject to having a Tourist License in place -- the availability of such licenses has varied in recent years in Barcelona. Contact us for the latest view on this.)

Please view the detailed information at the HSB website -- especially their Services and in particular their Property Search Service.   or contact  or Richard (in South Africa) on 082 570 4274